…focuses upon the the determination of position or direction. And its occupying our present state of mind.

BV as we like to call her is navigating her way across the states to the final destination in Osceola, WI. If all goes as planned we’ll reconnect very soon. She is in tow with a few other characters one of which is a machine for a bakery in WI. Quite appropriate given the importance of both art and baked goods in life.

One of the first attributes of certain pollinators that we were compelled to integrate into our sculpture was — the compound eye.  Bees have five eyes (that’s right ). Two of their peepers are compound eyes which enable them to see beyond the ultra violet spectrum. Why is this important you might ask? Well, it’s how they find organic partners rich in pollen and nectar. This attribute along with the sun is their navigation instrument.

Amazing right?! Compose yourself, it gets even better. Under a microscope the surface of their compound eyes are visible. Hexagons people. Thousands of visual receptors shaped like hexagons. No lie. I have a whole new frame of reference for the term “more then meets the eye”.

Here’s a peak into our salute to the extraordinary vision of bees, we have created three compound eyes for our sculpture. Yes we know — one more then a bee.  Quite simply we developed compound eye envy. So, one for us too. We want to see like a bee!

IMG_8449 copy.JPG




IMG_8601 copy

IMG_8602 copy






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