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Carve, prep, mix, mold, cure, prep, mix, pour, demold (ring bell if good), cure — repeat.
I love the whole process actually. Hands in clay, carve away, Part A/Part B. Cement, aggregate, water — must get the perfect ratio of these 3.

As I’m working with configurations of various shapes and contours, my intrigue hinges on the cast of characters we are creating for…

Honey bees construct hives by chewing wax (secreted from their abdominal glands) until it becomes soft, then bond large quantities of wax into the cells of a honeycomb.
There are three feasible shapes for honeycombs: squares, triangles, and hexagons. These are the only regular polygons that you can stick side by side without space. Hexagons take least amount of wax to create and are the strongest and most useful shape for bees. The worker bees start out making cylinders in the wax using their bodies as a tool.  Bees used their antennae, mandibles and legs to manipulate the wax during comb construction, while actively warming the wax and transition the circular forms into hexagon shaped cells.

Well done girls.  Way to raise the artistic bar.  Double bell ring for you.  As for me…back to work.




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